Forsina was founded in 2017 as part of German Medical Reference group, responsible for designing, producing and distributing innovative digital solutions and software specific for healthcare practice and the education of health-sciences.

Forsina uses latest technology to create software that eliminate the pains of traditional teaching methods, save costs for institutions, and boost education quality.

German Medical Reference, or GMR, is the mother company with many experts in medicine and science. It undertakes R&D activities of new learning methods in educational institutions and new solutions for healthcare practice, as well as supervising the execution process and overall operations.

The products mentioned in the document underwent a phase of research and development that lasted for more than 10 years, under GMR group. They were then placed under Forsina for further development, optimization, and distribution. Forsina is currently the sole owner of all intellectual rights of medically-related products and services.

Forsina designs digital solutions, creates their composing elements, and then integrates them to form complete harmonized systems. The products are aimed for multiple technological platforms like Virtual Reality, computers, tablets, mobiles, and online applications.

While the market of 3D educational software often targets students, Forsina prioritizes the professors and the institutions; supplying this under-served group with solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Students are inevitably included as part of the education process and have their share of targeted products.


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