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The education process of health sciences in universities is suffering from deficiencies of the traditional teaching methods. Although healthcare is advancing at a fast rate, medical education is still lagging behind. Technology is advancing in a mad rate and has become embedded in every aspect of our lives.


Forsina has come to realize that it’s time to use the latest technology to help the education of health-sciences become better and more efficient. Using three-dimensional (3D), computer-generated (CG) graphics will benefit the teaching of complex subjects like human anatomy, in which understanding the shape of objects and spatial relations between parts is necessary.


Using virtual reality technology to simulate environments digitally and enable users to live inside them has been proven to hold huge benefits for military and aviation training, and it can be employed to serve the much-needed sector of healthcare, especially for surgical training and patients’ diagnosis.


Most educational digital products in the market have limited scope and target students solely. Forsina has created a series of highly-advanced software, in terms of content, performance, and features, to cover the needs of all parties of the education process, with special emphasis on administration and professors’ needs. Forsina gathered all these products in one harmonized complete solution for universities.


Forsina focuses on education as the root of solid healthcare systems. The goal is to make medical subjects easy to teach, easy to study, and have the materials accessible anytime, anywhere.

The solution is composed of:
1.    Educational products
2.    Administrative products

Each product is intended for specific use by a specific group. At the same time, all products are interconnected and complement each other, forming a complete solution that covers the whole spectrum of needs in the education process.

The educational applications target two essential subjects in medicine:
•    Human Anatomy and Histology
•    Medical Imaging


The software assist, boost and enhance the quality of education in these subjects, going hand-in-hand with cadavers’ dissection. Forsina provide professors with lecture making tools and the most accurate 3D anatomical library in the world. They are accessible to unlimited numbers of users, making them ideal for the classroom, as well as suitable for individual use.


The graph shows how the components build up to form the solution. At the center, there are five star-shaped brackets that represent the five types of content generated by Forsina and the university. They enter the CMS, in which they’re sorted and edited, then assigned to Forsina products.


Forsina solution is flexible enough to enable the use of pre-made medical content by Forsina and the content provided by the university in the applications.


There are five types of content found throughout the solution. Most types accept input from Forsina itself and from the user. For example, when the content is medical imaging (MI) data (CT images, MRI images, DICOM files), the university can upload its own MI files, and the solution will process it and display it inside the applications. When using the educational applications, the end users (professors and students) can choose to view and edit Forsina MI content or the university’s MI content.


In other words, the university can combine the advanced functionality found in Forsina applications, with the university’s own content.


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